Premiere: Simon Robert Gibson releases video for Three Months and announces debut album

Roaming troubadour Simon Robert Gibson is a pillar of the music scene in Sydney, having played in a number of local bands such as the legendary Disneyfist and The Aerial Maps. He is also an inveterate traveller and surfer, living in Vietnam for over a decade. We are delighted to premiere the video for his new single ‘Three Months’ as well as announce news of his solo debut album ‘The Great Ongoing’ due out on Friday, 13 November 2020.

There’s a deep veracity in Gibson’s work: raw, unadulterated and pure that continues a tradition in the Australian indie music scene: melodic and expressive songs that reflect the harsh landscapes and the sunny climes. The instrumentation is lush with added trumpet and crystal acoustic chimes. Gibson’s vocals have a proudly discernable Australian accent and he uses the local vernacular – resulting in a song that is brittle, vulnerable and direct.

Of the song, Gibson says:

It’s really my one and only proper break-up song. I spoke most of the lyrics on my phone recorder just after things fell apart but I couldn’t face writing it until three months had passed. I found some Polaroid photos in a drawer that made me sit down and transcribe the bits on the phone and then write it. Even after I wrote it, I never played it, I couldn’t face it for about another year…

This melancholic nostalgia flows through the song. The video, with its sepia colours and simplicity, beautifully captures a sense of travel, movement, change and loss:

This is the second track released off Gibson’s forthcoming album. Last month’s track ‘Bourdain‘ was another glorious single and a poignant tribute to the late and legendary Anthony Bourdain. A beautiful ode to an amazing character whose loss is still an unbelievable and unexpected tragedy.

The new album, ‘The Great Ongoing’, has a hugely impressive cast of musicians including The Hummingbirds’ Alannah Russack.

Track List:

1. Now Often Feels Like Then
2. When Strummer Was Alive
3. Rockets
4. Teenage Shadows
5. Bourdain
6. Battered Books
7. Three Months
8. Ode To A Cup Of Coffee
9. Eleven Kinds Of Loneliness
10. That Will Be Enough
11. Jo
12.  Different Ocean

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