TRACK: Andy Cooper – ‘Heart’: grandstanding old-skool science

Andy Cooper, photographed by Miff Morris

FORMER rhymes scientists in Californ-I-A’s favourite old-skool hip-hop trio Ugly Duckling, Andy Cooper has teamed back up with his former decks buddy Young Einstein for his latest single drop, “Heart”. Take a listen to some real breakz ‘n’ rhymez science below.

“Heart” brings grandstanding brass, helium samples, and a big freak-off boom of a bass drum to thunder outta your speakers. It’s fiery, and Andy is unapologetic, “unrefined”, and we’re glad he’s that way. You can hear that chemistry, that intuition, with Young Einstein behind him.

It’s taken from his third solo LP, L.I.S.T.E.N. (Lyrical Innovation Supplying The Ear’s Need), which is out now on digital download, with wax and CD to follow.

We reviewed the album here, noting that: “Andy’s a proper prizefighter for old-skool hiphop. No gimmicks, no space-traveller-alias frippery, no big bucks clothing labels, just this: amazing delivery, a decent DJ = bangers. No frills, good honest food for your ears. Pure groove, good fun. It’s hiphop deluxe like they used to make like Andy still makes.”

Why L.I.S.T.E.N., Andy? He says: “The scene today is so dependent on fast-paced, social media marketing and instant reactions that I don’t believe the audience has time to actually listen to songs and enjoy them; which, in my opinion, diminishes the value of music.

“I’m inviting people to soak in this wonderful art form, because it’s one of life’s greatest reprieves”.

Andy Cooper’s L.I.S.T.E.N. is out now digitally via Unique Records, with CD and vinyl formats to follow on December 11th; purchase yours here.

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