Film Review: Mafia Inc.

The Cosa Nostra, or the Sicilian mafia, can trace their routes back to the 19th century. From those shoots have sprouted numerous crime families, or syndicates. These early organisations were initially formed to provide protection, but nowadays their focus is often on drug trafficking and other more profitable ventures. Whilst their operations have traditionally been concentrated in southern Italy, they have fingers in many pies in many different countries. In Daniel Grou’s new film, Mafia Inc., the setting is Canada.

Vincent (Marc-André Grondin) and Giaco (Donny Falsetti) have been close friends since adolescence. Vince is taken under the wing of Frank (Sergio Castellitto), the head of the Paternò Mafia family in Montréal, after saving the life of the eldest son. In his determination to impress the Godfather, he secretly pulls off a huge operation and is promoted for his initiative. However, this success will come back to haunt him.

Based on true events, Mafia Inc. is a stylish and brutal crime thriller which explores the ties of family and the pacts of honour. Grou’s film is strikingly made and brilliantly acted, especially Castellitto as the fearsome Caporegime. Steve Cosens’ cinematography conjures up the glitz and glamour as well as the dirty and depraved. Mafia Inc. is an impressive feat. A film which is both epic in scope whilst feeling authentic, gritty and real.

Mafia Inc. is available on Digital Download from Blue Finch Film Releasing on 19 October.

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