Film Review: The Human Factor

Bill Clinton heading up peace negotiations

The Arab-Israeli conflict can be traced back into distant history but in its current incarnation can probably be dated to 1948 and the establishment of the state of Israel. Wars, conflicts and regular skirmishes have been sporadically breaking out in the region ever since.  Today, the focus is largely on the continuing hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians. Both sides are entrenched in their beliefs and views making any attempts to mediate or intervene incredibly complicated.

A succession of American presidents have seen the Middle East as an area of foreign policy where they can leave a positive legacy. However, despite the numerous attempts by Democrats and Republicans alike, peace in the region continuous to be beyond their grasp. In his new film, The Human Factor, award-winning director Dror Moreh investigates what was happening behind the scenes out of the glare of the cameras.

With unprecedented access to a number of peace negotiators, The Human Factor gives the inside track on these very public mediations. Several of these men dedicated their lives to solving the problem and their unique perspectives helps paint a picture of what precisely went wrong. Along with some great insights, The Human Factor does a great job of detailing the major issues in a chronological, comprehensive and entertaining fashion. It’s a documentary which is both fascinating and informative.  

The Human Factor will be released in cinemas on 21 May.

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