Film Review: The Ledge

Kelly climbing to survive

It seems to be a particular breed of people who take up serious climbing. There are inherent risks attached to rock climbing, let alone mountaineering, which are too much for a coward like me. The mere thought of taking away the ropes or the ‘safety net’ sets my nerves on edge. Films like Valley Uprising and Free Solo have captured the courage of these daredevils. The Ledge throws in some very human danger into the mix.

Kelly (Brittany Ashworth) has brought her friend Sophie (Anaïs Parello) along to help mark the anniversary of her boyfriend’s death. The couple used to climb together when he was alive, so it seems like a fitting tribute. Unfortunately, a group of four male friends are in the next cabin and are acting like ‘jocks’. When Kelly’s woken by screaming in the middle of the night, she has no choice but to climb for her life.

The Ledge is at its best when it focuses on the climbing. That’s when the stakes are highest and the peril feels at its most palpable. The concept is fascinating and there are some very clever set-pieces, but it doesn’t really play out as well as you’d imagine. Howard J. Ford’s film is not helped by the laddish dialogue, baffling character choices and pedestrian acting from the bad guys. The Ledge takes an intriguing premise but never really goes anywhere with it.

The Ledge is released on Digital Platforms on 14th March and DVD on 21 March

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