Film Review: Yes, God, Yes

Going through puberty and traversing the teenage years is undoubtedly a trying and troubling time for any young person, regardless of where they live or their personal circumstances.  When you throw religion into the mix, it gets a whole heap more confusing. Especially with the knowledge that eternal damnation awaits for anyone who acts on those desires. Karen Maine’s new comedy, Yes, God, Yes, plays with these themes.

Alice (Natalia Dyer) is a good Catholic girl living in Midwestern America after the turn of the century. However, the sixteen-year-old’s life is turned upside down when an innocent AOL chat turns racy and she discovers the joys of masturbation. In a bid to save her soul, Alice signs up for a mysterious Christian retreat, run by father Murphy (Timothy Simons). However, that many raging hormones in the same place can only lead to temptation.

Yes, God, Yes is an entertainingly offbeat comedy/drama which feels both authentic and empathetic. Instead of opting to tackle the dubious ethical history of the Catholic Church head on, Maine instead focuses on Alice and her personal trials and tribulations.  Whilst the jokes remain, they embellish, instead of steering, her journey. It is a little hit and miss at times but it never shies away from tackling the hard truths. In that way, Yes, God, Yes feels like a breath of fresh air.

Yes, God, Yes will be available on Digital Download from 17th August

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