Live Gallery: Weyes Blood, Rising Festival, Forum Theatre, Melbourne, 07.06.2023

Feature Photograph: Ian Bickerstaff

Playing as part of the Rising Festival – Melbourne’s foray into winter entertainment – Weyes Blood captivated a packed house at the Forum and quickly made us forget about the wintery weather outside as she brought her distinctive style to Melbourne.

Drawing from her acclaimed albums “Titanic Rising” and “And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow,” the setlist evoked beauty and introspection. From the nostalgia-infused “Movies” to the poignant brilliance of “Everyday”, Weyes Blood’s haunting vocals soared effortlessly, leaving us enthralled. The Forum Theatre’s grand architecture and intimate atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for an ethereal experience and the frequent banter that she shared with the crowd added to a memorable night.

  • Weyes Blood performs at Rising Melbourne

Feature Photograph: Ian Bickerstaff

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