Live: Maxïmo Park – Rock City, Nottingham – 15-12-15

I first saw Maxïmo Park as a gawky twelve-year-old at Sheffield Octagon with me dad and a mate, on their UK tour for their debut record, A Certain Trigger.  The high energy set saw a smartly-dressed Paul Smith with characteristic hat pogo-ing around on stage to the delight of the crowd. Ten years on and nothing has changed, and why should it?

The band came on to rapturous applause, beginning a two-pronged attack of Girls Who Play Guitars and The National Health, before breaking into an array on songs from their second album onwards – some hits, some more obscure numbers – to form the first half of the performance. The energy rarely dipped as Smith pranced around the stage; some of his heart grabs and over-gesticulation wouldn’t be unfamiliar to an X Factor contestant, but he does it all with such conviction that he is difficult to take your eyes off, especially when doing flying kicks off the drum platform. He’s exhausting just to look at.

After a brief intermission, a lighted MP symbol shone into view and lasers fired up to welcome Maxïmo Park back to the stage, as they began to perform  A Certain Trigger, in its entirety. Smith, now in a red shirt, seemed to take real pleasure in performing these songs, and the material holds up brilliantly in contrast to their newer output. Between songs, the applause was rich and full, and the band were clearly loving the support. There was plenty of affection from the crowd to the five-piece, reciprocated back through the intensity of the performance. Smith even tempted that we might see the Nottingham crowd again “next year with new music”

Here’s to the next ten years.



  • Girls Who Play Guitars
  • The National Health
  • A19
  • The Kids are Sick Again
  • Leave This Island
  • Hips & Lips
  • A Year of Doubt
  • Russian Literature
  • Midnight on the Hill
  • Our Velocity
  • Books from Boxes
  • Signal and Sign
  • Apply Some Pressure
  • Graffiti
  • Postcard of a Painting
  • Going Missing
  • I Want You to Stay
  • Limassol
  • The Coast is Always Changing
  • The Night I Lost My Head
  • Once, A Glimpse
  • Now I’m All Over the Shop
  • Acrobat
  • Kiss You Better


Fri 18th Dec   Birmingham, O2 Institute

Sat 19th Dec   Manchester, Albert Hall

Thu 31st Dec  Edinburgh Hogmanay


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