Live Review: Cassyette – Stylus, Leeds. 15.03.23

It’s only been a few months since I last saw Cassyette rocking the smallest room in the Leadmill in Sheffield, and since then, the Essex-born rock pioneer has been on a meteoric trajectory.

November 2022 saw the release of the acclaimed mixtape Sad Girl with anthemic singles like Mayhem and September Rain showing exactly what we can expect as Cassyette continues to grow as an artist. Already endorsed by Frank Carter (“a fucking rockstar”) and having supported My Chemical Romance, the future looks bright.

Tonight sees Cassyette brings her European tour to Stylus in Leeds. There’s a buzz in the queue that winds its way around the Leeds Uni Student Union, again an eclectic mix of pop, rock, goth and emo fans waiting to join the circle pits at the front.

Cassyette bursts out on to the Leeds stage to the opening chords of Like That, stalking left and right and leaning out towards the barrier, almost challenging the audience to match her energy. It only takes a song and a half for the headliner to jump off the stage and get up close with her adoring audience.

This size of venue really suits Cassyette. Space to explore the stage, expressing every ounce of herself through a livewire performance. The stage setting itself is sparse – Charlie Harman’s drum riser stage right, and Tyler Ryder on guitar stage left – but the whole set is brought alive by the huge screen that illustrates each song with electrifying visuals. September Rain is roared out from the stage with the image of Cassyette’s head staring down on to the audience. The lyrics from Dear Goth jump out of the screen and encourage a unified rendition to open the 2-song encore.

There’s certainly one thing you can be sure of at a Cassyette gig – she will deliver an experience that gets your blood pumping and the serotonin coursing through you. It’s inclusive, joyful, high energy – the best kind of Mayhem.

Set List:

Like This

Picture Perfect

Behind Closed Doors

Die Hate Cry

September Rain


Sad Girl Summer

Over It

Dead Roses

Go (Wall of Hugs)



Dear Goth

Prison Purse

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