Live Review: Inhaler – Berns Hotel, Stockholm 09.10.2023

Anastasia Baranovskaia

Words and photos by Anastasia Baranovskaia

Monday nights typically carry the weight of the workweek’s onset, but the concert with Inhaler provided the perfect remedy for those early-week blues. Hailing from Dublin and named one of Ireland’s most exciting bands they returned to Stockholm after quite recently playing at the festival Lollapalooza Stockholm. The beautiful venue Berns was buzzing with energy even before their set started with fans eagerly waiting whilst singing and dancing.

As the clock struck 9 PM the band entered the stage. They didn’t disappoint, delivering a setlist that seamlessly flowed between their older songs and newer tracks. The stage setup was minimalistic but felt more than enough with a few stand microphones and the drum kit with the band’s logo. The simplicity of the design didn’t detract from the performance as the music was doing most of the talking. Throughout the gig you could see lead singer Elijah Hewson in a cowboy hat given by a fan, holding up the Swedish flag and him saying the Swedish words “tack” (thank you) and “hej” (hello). It is always nice to see a band interact with their audience and you can tell by the cheers it was much appreciated too.

Inhaler’s youthful exuberance was infectious and the band entertained the crowd from the first song to the last, making them scream a little extra loud during their most famous songs. “It Won’t Always Be Like This” from their debut album and “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart” and “Dublin in Ecstasy” from their latest album “Cuts & Bruises” seemed to be especially popular songs. In their merch stand they even had a t-shirt saying “Stockholm in Ecstasy”, which really solidified that song’s impact and popularity. 

Inhaler’s tight-knit band chemistry was palpable, proving they already possess the maturity and professionalism of seasoned performers. After the show finished the crowd left Berns with smiles on their faces, still buzzing with the infectious energy Inhaler had brought to their Monday night. The band’s resilience during the challenges of the pandemic is a testament to their dedication to their craft as they not only persevered but thrived, and there’s no doubt that Inhaler’s star is on the rise.

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