Live Review: Kae Tempest / Shungudzo – Vicar Street, Dublin 04,05,2022

Last night Kea Tempest finished up the Irish leg of their tour in Vicar Street Dublin and WOW! was it amazing, with support coming from  Zimbabwean-American singer Shungudzo.
Shungudzo took to the stage of Vicar Street wear a large fluffy pink dress and harness singing her songs of self love / self respect & protection and love for all around her and us.
At one time discussing the fact that is a near miracle that any of us exist given the odds and percentages for any one of us to come into existence.
Set List.
Same Shit, different Day
Fatherless Child
White Parents
To Be me
10 Years Ago
You’re Ok
Best Days
Good Day to Fight the System
I Wish I Was Evil

The stage darkened and smoke blows across the stage and from the right Kae appears and walks to the centre of stage where at this time the whole crowd that were seated take to their feet for a standing ovation before a word has even been spoken.
Kae is visibly emotionally over this and cant believe it, taking a little time to compose Kae tells the crowd how Ireland and Dublin has inspired them many times and they are delighted to be here again and that they will not be speaking between songs as it makes them cringe to hear back after a show also adding that the set will be their new album played in full first and then some older songs after, finishing this speech with wow that was more like a wedding speech than an introduction.
They kept to their word and only now and then the only words heard between songs was the name of the next song coming
It was an amazingly emotional and powerful performance as Kae worked through their set list.
The show was seating but during More Pressure people could not help but take to their feet during the instrumental part in the middle.
After which followed Grace and again at the end got another huge standing ovation.
When the show hit its end Kae spoke a few more words, saying that there will be no encore as they finds them manipulative and didn’t want anyone to be disappointed when they don’t reappear as it is over! lol
Set List
Priority Boarding
I Saw The Light
Nothing To Prove
No Prizes
Salt Coast
Don’t You Ever
These Are The Days
Water in The Rain
More Pressure
Brand New Ancients
Europe is Lost
Marshall Law
Ketamine For Breakfast
Holy Elixir
Peoples Faces

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