Film Review: Savage Waters

Animals, by our nature, are curious creatures. Born to explore. To sniff that new scent. Eat that strange smelly thing on the floor. Some are braver than others, but we all learn through experience and being taught. Humans might like to think we’re superior, but when it comes down to it there are far fewer differences than similarities. Unlike out mammalian cousins, we have words and language to articulate our dreams. To inspire future generations.

The discovery of a nineteenth century treasure-hunter’s journal inspires Matt Knight, a renowned captain, and Andrew Cotton, a record-breaking big-wave surfer, to head out into uncharted waters. Their destination is the Savage Islands, a small Portuguese archipelago in the North-Atlantic Ocean. Remote and dangerous, their quests involve much skill and a fair amount of luck. Their journey is documented in Savage Waters.

Savage Waters takes us back to the golden age of exploration. When mankind’s thirst for discovery (and the promise of treasure) resulted in a complete reassessment of our world. Whether that’s to surf the biggest wave or to map uncharted waters. While the whys and wherefores of this voyage could be questioned, the spirit of adventure is clearly alive and kicking. This is the great takeaway from Mikey Corker’s film. Savage Waters is an ode to those who dare to dream.  

Savage Waters is the opening night film at Docklands Documentary Film Festival.

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