Comic: A Stinky Tail by Sally Anne Hickman


Back in August I finally got around to writing about comics. It hasn’t taken me quite so long to get around to the second piece, but long enough. The good news is that the quality bar got higher, and that the comic in question is another independent. This time around, the author remains the same (well done Sally-Anne Hickman !), but the action is very different. Gone are the lurid megastars of rock, instead we are treated to an entirely hand-crafted (including hand-stitching – check out the green thread below), beautifully-drawn cautionary tale.

Again, this is something that is most probably all-ages, although some parents might find the eye-for-an-eye retribution, and the cruel treatment of our canine hero, a little too much for the younger kids. A whiffy pooch (aren’t they all ? in the most loveable way) finds himself on the end of the cruellest treatment – but don’t worry dog lovers – there’s a sting in the tale (ouch ! Editor ? who let’s this sort of thing go ? oh stop punning etc).

I love the way that the evil villagers meet their comeuppances, and the fact that, like Edward and Tubbs from the local shop, they all have grotesquely upturned noses. Every panel is a delight, every drawing a peach. The only bad news is that she’s sold out of them online – you’ll either have to get to your local independent comic stockist or start petitioning Sally for more. Either way, if you can get your hands on one, I recommend this as quality bedtime reading.


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