TRACK: Claude Cooper’s ‘Tangerine Dreams’ 7″ launches Friendly Recordings

OK, OK. Two things.

Firstly, do you like a little jazziness to your grooves? Nah, scrub that. Do you like a lot?

Do you like a double bass line so up and atcha and tight and taut it could cut a man in half at 60 paces? That kinda thing. Do you miss Fingathing, more so Red Snapper? Good. Step this way.

Secondly – and although this has special West Country focus, you can warmly agree in principle, I’m sure – do you like an actually properly friendly local neighbourhood record shop, well-stocked, but also with a licensed bar? You do? Please be following your friends over here.

Because Friendly Records of Bristol BS3, Bedminster, down there on the south bank and erstwhile Somerset banks of the Avon, is just that; and it’s also decided the time is right to launch its very own label, called … aww, c’mon now. (Actually, it’s Friendly Recordings)

And what’s brilliant is that that initial release, pressed in a strictly limited run on tangerine orange 7″, comes from the elusive to the point of illusive Bristol producer Claude Cooper, who presents to you the deeply excellent, wired jazz of “Tangerine”, with an equally addictive, right-under-your-skin ode to Kingswood’s “Two Mile Hill” on the flip.

Oh, there aren’t many left already; hurry yourself over to Friendly Recordings’ Bandcamp page post-haste. Take a listen below; we’re right on this one.

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