Track: Spudge release new single, Quaaludes n Mash

Leicester psych-garage trio Spudge, aka Woody Vomit (bass, vocals, guitar), Elsa Von Krud (guitar) and Bulk Bogan (drums) – see, you love them already right, are gearing up to the release of their debut EP Pathetic Phallus, and from it they’ve released a new single, Quaaludes n Mash, which featured contribution from Ron Stevens of Broadcast.

On the EP, Bulk Bogan says “We want people to jive at the beginning and weep at the end. Instead of being one dimensional, we’d rather the EP wash over you like a river of music with its ebbs and flows. As our grandfathers said: the Spudge is thick like a spud, but smooth like fudge.

Quaaludes and Mash sounds like the Rolling Stones trying to be AC/DC after an all night session on Cocktails and Talking Heads records. On Victoria Park. There’s these choppy riffs and bluesy melodies, but all scuffed up and with this weird sense of humour injected. That its just about as addictive as it is, says to us that Spudge could be one of our new favourite bands.

Check it out, here

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