Meet: Dead Hormones, and watch the new video for If I don’t make it home

After checking out their new EP, “Nothing, Nothing… then something”, we here at Backseat Mafia were very taken with Hull alt-rockers Dead Hormones. Noisey, full of attitude and able to pull big tunes out of their musical holsters seemingly at will, we needed to jump on their fast moving bandwagon before everybody else did. So we pulled them aside and gave them the once over, question wise. Check out their new video for EP track ‘If I don’t make it home’, and find out more below

We are Dead Hormones

We are from Hull

We met at school when we were little nippers around 15/16

We make music that sounds like, Queens Of The Stone Age, and just pretty much hard hitting punk rock!

When people ask us who or what we sound like
, we say, either Queens of The Stone Age or we just say ‘We cant really pin point or sound but has a mixture of, experimental/heavy rock/punk

We bonded over different bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, QOTSA, and all sorts of things really! It was meant to be I guess.

Our name doesn’t really have some philosophical meaning, I think it was just made up at a bus stop!

The bands that have influenced us most are? QOTSA, RHCP, Led Zep ect. We like these artist for there creativity in music, but we all like lots of different artist, from Hall and Oates to Pissed Jeans.

We got together, and our first rehearsal was around 2009? Im guessing? God it seems far away! It was cool, our drummer Ollie, had heard of the band and came to audition, and the rest is history! We just all got along so well, it was pretty natural. Then out bassist joined a bit later on who knew us through our drummer and its been like magic ever since!

Our first gig was on the back of a truck, in a park! Classy! We had no lyrics just a few jams and it was pouring down until our drummer got down and prayed for the rain to stop and just as he finished praying, it did. I guess if there is a god, he likes a bit of punk rock!

Our new record is our new E.P ‘Nothing, Nothing… Then Something’ we had an E.P launch on feb 25 this year and we have now just released our first single of it called ’If I Don’t Make It Home’ which also has a very tasty new vid to it as well done by the talented ShootJMoore.

We recorded it at AOO Studios in a day, with the fantastic Patrick Pretorius (The Talks), who made the process so easy and just and overall joy! He’s great at what he does and you can tell by the quality of recording on the E.P. We then got it mastered by Pete Maher and released it through Warren Records with our good friend Stew Bxter who has also done so much for our city.

The writing process for us
is pretty much just take it as it comes really. Jake or Tom (our two guitarist) will have some ideas and we just build on it. I hate to say it but it kinda just works for us and somehow we get this great track at the end of it. But don’t be fooled we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs and all it really is down to is hard practice and dedication.

We tried to make it sound like? We didn’t want it to really sound like anything, all we know we wanted was a big sound, catchy tunes and just something a bit different.

You could say our live show is…? Were all about gigging and we try to make our live sound no different to what we sound on the record. Big, tight and punk! I think you need to witness us live to get what were about and we think that comes across on stage.

You can catch us at – local Hull shows – Hull – Fruit – 7th of April
Hull – The Sesh – 26th of April
Hull – Ulltrafest – 11th of June

Out of Town Gigs- Corby – The Hut – 19th March
York – The Spread Eagle – 8th of April
Huddersfield – Parish – 12th April
Sheffield – 29th April
Cleethorpes – The Fiddlers – 15th July

Look out for Recently we had York band BULL support us at our EP launch and we cant praise them enough. There just one of those bands where your like, ‘How are these not massive yet!?’ hopefully soon they will be, because there a bunch of awesome guys with an incredible sound.

This year, we are going to try to…. TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE. Well, England at least. No, all kidding aside, were just looking to gig the UK, gain contacts and see if we can get to the next level.

Keep in touch with us at
FaceBook –
Twitter –
Instagram – or our tag is @deadhormones
Soundcloud –

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  1. Paul
    April 8, 2016

    An absolutely awesome live band. Spare some time and go see them, you won’t be disappointed!

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