Track: Apperaat – Deliver, plus video

We always have a motto, ‘It has to be pleasant’. So say Apparaat, a new Danish/Dutch duo comprised of Tam Vibberstoft and Nils Gade. Its too easy to describe the two as a band, they are much more than that – more a complete artistic package. They make music, take photos,  do performances, write ambient display music, shoot films, film music videos, make art decorations, build installations and more.

With a daily distance of km 700 between the pairs bases – Aarhus and Utrecht, Apperaat is ordinarily an online project. That hasn’t stopped the pair from recording and releasing their debut album, ? !, and from that album comes a new single Deliver.

It’s this swirling piece of synth-pop, build around the opening vocal at the beginning which is cut up and repeated throughout. Apart from that there are just snatches of words and vocals, whereas underneath there are these warm synth lines.

What it’s not though, is pleasant. It seems such an ordinary word, such a plain non commital word. No, Deliver isn’t pleasant. It’s a lot better than that.

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