Track: Biscuits for Bears – Vanity Dare

Biscuits for Bears are from Cambridgeshire and consist of Ben Kingsbury (guitar, vocals) Gaz Jones (the drums) Hollywood Sparks (bass, vocals) Richard Van Archer (guitar, vocals). They’ve been honing their craft and supporting bands and artists such as Andy Cairns, The Nightingales and Allusondrugs, for the last year, and have headed into the studio, the result being a three track single – Vanity Dare.

It typifies the bands mantra that they are ‘Brute Pop’ – pop songs songs played brutally. These minimal wiry guitars accompany the verses, but as the chorus approaches, so the band lay down a bigger, messier sound – all scuzzy guitars and driving Buzzcocks meet early Green Day sort of DIY punk/pop. At its heart though, its a pop song full of catchy melodies and singalong choruses.

Throw ‘Pentax’ on the flip (well, technically its a digital release, but you get the idea) into the mix that propels itself along with these driving riffs and deliciously sour chords, and the more angular Delete as Appropriate, and you have a more than promising start. We watch, and listen, with interest.

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