New Music: Eilish Gilligan, Creature of Habit

Melbourne’s Eilish Gilligan could not be accused of being prolific, but what she does release is stunning and all the more valuable for its scarcity. Her new release, “Creature of Habit” is out now and it is a haunting, beautiful song.

Melancholic, electronic indie pop just begins to pin its style down, and yet it also has elements of Bjork-like experimentation and Lorde-like expression and emotion. Produced by Max Dowling (TETRAHEDRA), the single features Gilligan’s vocal range which is extraordinarily acrobatic and heartfelt, the underlying music sparse and erratic providing an uneasy bed from which springs vaulting choruses and eminently satisfying returns:

You can also listen on Spotify here.

This is exhilarating stuff that continues linger in your mind long after you finish listening. If you are in Melbourne, Australia, you can catch Gilligan performing in October with Rin McArdle on 4 October at the Evelyn Hotel, at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music for their Node O serie on 7 October and supporting Yeo at the Howler on 14 October. Hopefully Gilligan will be releasing more material soon.

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