New Music – Foxtrott – Meditations I-II-III

Introducing: Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, aka FOXTROTT

Incoming: her second LP ‘Meditations I-II-III‘, a collection of all three of the Meditation EPs.

What they say: Meditations I-II-III sees the inimitable producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist return to form, with rich, off-centre sounds, earthy beats and shimmering percussions. Each of the three self-produced EPs, which are to be released throughout 2018, explore the complex relationship between the inner life and the outer world. The musician developed these tracks during a solitary retreat to southwestern Mexico, even incorporating ambient sounds from her voyage into the music.

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…..Having channeled fears, insecurities and assorted assorted “twentysomething stuff” into her debut A Taller Us, Delorme found herself more confident, relaxed and open on Meditations I-II-III, a state of being that she really found herself embracing during her visit to Oaxaca, Mexico. “This is where I found the energy and the tone I wanted to capture for the EPs; the warmth, the sounds… It was a happy solitude, a sense of spiritual intimacy, from which I was observing and listening to the outside world. The birds, the animals, and the police sirens you hear ever so faintly on the tracks are from Oaxaca.”

The Verdict: What stands out mostly about ‘Meditaions‘ is that it could have easily been released as an instrumental LP due to the strength of the tracks, delicate drum rhythms that build to rolling beats with layers of floating melodies and synth pads. But without the vocals you would only get half of the experience, Delorme’s vocals add that extra layer bringing a human element to the music through the Lyrics while also adding another melodic structure. You get a real sense that a lot of time and love has been invested in the creation of the music itself as opposed to just playing a minor role to the vocals, the two seem to wrap around each other effortlessly producing a seamless partnership. From the gentle synth layers of it’s opener ‘Intuition‘ to the fast stuttered beats of ‘For as long as‘ the collection plays together perfectly as a complete work with each track complimenting the next. Some well crafted Synth Electronica with heart.

Track List:
  1. Intuition
  2. Wait
  3. Where Love Abounds
  4. Better with You
  5. Melting Woods
  6. For as Long as
  7. Wide Awake
  8. Deliver
  9. Take Me I’m Here
  10. Better with You (Instrumental)
  11. For as Long as (Instrumental)
  12. Where Love Abounds (Instrumental)

Out now on: One Little Indian Records

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