Track: L/F/D/M releases the minimal bleepy acid of Heavy Clouds, from forthcoming EP Psychopaths Eating Jelly

Following on from a slew of brilliant releases, including EPs for Optimo Trax and Clandestine Traxx and an album for Kompakt’s Ecstatic imprint as well as a couple of EPs for Diagonal alongside former Factory Floor Dominic Butler under the moniker Bronze Teeth, comes a new EP from Richard Smith, aka L/F/D/M.

Called Psychopaths Eating Jelly, from it comes Heavy Clouds. Right from the off it launches into this twisting, squirming acid house track, bubbling on at a rate, and with these little stabbed interjections from the synth over the top. Ever developing, it wriggles clear of its shackles as this increasingly inventive percussion drives it onwards. Its something quite special.

Psychopaths Eating Jelly is out right now.

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