Track: Paves – ‘Dancing ’til The End Of Time’

With a lot of releases in recent years, the term throwback has almost become meaningless. It’s a term that has become overused and as more and more modern releases seemingly take more than inspiration from certain styles, it’s got to the point where they’re missing what made these styles great in the first place. Now that Paves have come along, they get it exactly right. They haven’t focused on “how do we make this relevant?”, instead they’ve focused on how they need to make it authentic. And the end result is one that has significant replay value, a huge amount of passion for the source material and ultimately they meet the high standard and deliver a track that delivers the true term of a return to the style.

Here is rock and blues as it’s meant to be. It’s not a case of overloading the song with a long and ridiculous sequence of notes. It’s not a case where it needs to a high number of beats per minute. This is a case where they’ve focused on the spaces in between. It builds when it needs to and when it gets to the solo, it’s been earned. They don’t do what they think needs to be done. They knew exactly what they needed to do and the end result is incredible.

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