New Track: HEX – Sight Beyond the Line

HEX, a three piece New Zealand band about to set off to the US to play at SXSW, have released a single off their forthcoming album “The Hill Temple” due out on 14 February. Called “Sight Beyond the Line”, this is an epic,dark and rumbling song leavened by sweet chanting harmonies – a curious and yet successful meeting of dark gothic foundations overlaid with the sound of The Mamas and the Papas. The video clip captures the pagan nature of the beast evoked by the band’s name and the tones of the song:

HEX prove what I have been saying ad nauseum: there is something flowing in the collective creative juices in New Zealand at the moment. HEX (consisting of Kiki Van Newtown, GG Van Newtown, and Jason Erskine from the windy city of Wellington) are bold and unapologetic: this is an ambitious and exciting song with its insistent bass and chanting-style singing.

You can order the album here.Tour dates are as follows:

February 14th // Wellington, NZ // Meow
March 2nd // Los Angeles, CA // Tribal Cafe
March 3rd // Bishop, CA // Mountain Rambler
March 6th // San Francisco, CA // Bottom of the Hill
March 8th // Portland, OR // Turn! Turn! Turn!
March 10th // Houston, TX // D&W Lounge
March 13th // Austin, TX // The Lost Well
March 15th // Austin, TX // NZ Showcase @ SXSW

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