News: Alternative Duo Hàn Gắn Share Punk-Infused Single ‘New Terms’

Hàn Gắn, a dynamic music duo based in Washington D.C., is quickly making a name for themselves with their unique blend of post-rock, post-punk, hardcore, singer-songwriter, and darkwave elements. Formed in 2017 by Matthew T. Eng and J. Brian Nicewander, this duo creates music that is not only sonically diverse but also deeply introspective, providing poignant critiques of political cultures and reflecting on their own experiences.

Their latest release, “New Terms,” is a visceral anthem that blends punk and indie rock into an entrancing juggernaut. With its loud, energetic call-out of destructive people and systems, this track is a bold statement of defiance that is sure to resonate with listeners who are tired of the status quo.

As Hàn Gắn themselves explain, “‘New Terms’ is a boisterous call-out of the people, systems, and attitudes that no longer serve us.” It’s a powerful message that is sure to inspire listeners to question the world around them and to take action against injustice.

“New Terms” also arrives alongside two other new releases “Patterns in Vivo” and “Before The Bomb.” Each track showcases the duo’s signature sound and thought-provoking lyrics, making this a must-listen release for fans of alternative and indie rock.

Listen to ‘New Terms’:

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