News: Alternative Rocker Justin Bigart Releases Dopamine Fuelled New Single ‘Angel’ 

Alternative rock artist Justin Bigart has unveiled his enthralling new single, ‘Angel’, a captivating chapter extracted from his album, ‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’. Each release in this conceptual voyage serves as a unique ‘chapter,’ and ‘Angel’ stands out as Chapter 5, inviting listeners into an exploration of the pervasive influence of ‘cheap dopamine’ on both personal narratives and the broader societal landscape.

‘Angel’, tells a tale of love entangled with danger, a magnetic pull towards someone both perilous and enthralling—a “beautiful destructive machine” as Justin poetically describes, a “dopamine queen”. The track serves as a portal into the tumultuous realm of emotions, set against a backdrop that draws inspiration from diverse influences, notably the echoes of Leonard Cohen and Nirvana.

‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’ embarked on its journey with the release of Chapter 1 in 2021, and subsequent chapters have unfolded as part of an episodic visual album. Looking forward, Justin anticipates releasing additional chapters in the coming year, each contributing to the culmination of this unique auditory and visual odyssey.

Listen below:

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