News: Andrew WK announces new album and tour

I have to confess a deep seated admiration for Andrew WK. His first full album, ‘I Get Wet’, released way back in 2001, was one of those guilty pleasures where you couldn’t quite work out if the entire thing was tongue-in-cheek or deadly serious, but whatever it was, it was dumb and fun. And he knew it. Songs like ‘Party Hard’ and ‘She is Beautiful’ exemplified the simplistic and frat-boy lyrical approach over the most exhilarating rock riffs. Partying as philosophy. But Andrew WK is a lot more than that: musical producer, motivational speaker, nightclub owner, radio DJ, television presenter. Above all, in any interview I have seen with him, he seems an awfully nice chap and far more intelligent and complex than his lyrics would suggest. Ultimately, however, his songs are fantastic hard rock anthems with a sense of humour.

That list of diversions coupled with a myriad of legal problems has meant Andrew WK has not been prolific in output over the past 18 years – some albums being restricted for legal reasons to Japan. He has, however just announced a brand new album – ‘You’re Not Alone’. The album is scheduled for release on March 2, 2018 via Music For Nations, with cover art by the legendary Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. We hope to review the album as soon as we can.

Andrew WK is also touring the UK to promote the album, and you can be assured that these will be extraordinary shows – combining a fantastic rock sensibility with the undeniable charm of Andrew WK.

And here, just because the song is so great, is the video for ‘She Is Beautiful’:

You’re Not Alone Track List

1. The Power of Partying
2. Music Is Worth Living For
3. Ever Again
4. I Don’t Know Anything
5. The Feeling of Being Alive
6. Party Mindset
7. The Party Never Dies
8. Give Up On You
9. Keep On Going
10. In Your Darkest Moments
11. The Devil’s On Your Side
12. Break The Curse
13. Total Freedom
14. Beyond Oblivion
15. Confusion and Clarity
16. You’re Not Alone

Andrew W.K. will be touring the UK in April

13-Apr-18 Cardiff Great Hall
14-Apr-18 London O2 Kentish Town Forum
15-Apr-18 Birmingham O2 Academy
18-Apr-18 Norwich Waterfront
19-Apr-18 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
20-Apr-18 Manchester O2 Ritz
21-Apr-18 Glasgow Garage

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