NEWS: GRAVE GOODS featuring members of PINS, Girls Names and September Girls release new single ‘Come’ with a video featuring the four pleasure demons. Announce debut album out 9 September via TULLE

The 3 band members of Grave Goods dressed in red and black
Credit: Elle Brotherhood

GRAVE GOODS feature current and former members of PINS, Girls Names, and September Girls and have announced their debut album Tuesday. Nothing Exists, which is set for release on 9 September via TULLE. TULLE is a women-led independent record label focussed on working with and for underrepresented voices in music, and is also the home of Fears and M(h)aol. In support of the album announcement GRAVE GOODS have released new single ‘Come‘ which is about revolution.

Singer Lois Macdonald says on the track:
“This is one of the first tracks we wrote, and for me the one that helped to cement the feel of the music we make. I wanted to use the guitar in a percussive way, and I wanted the track to feel stressful and furious. I felt frustrated at the time and had so much to express. I wanted the lyrics to reflect all this, and to come from the gut.  The best noise I could imagine for this is ‘Ugh’ which I use towards the end – it represents frustration, disgust and sex.”

The video also comes from Lois, starring four pleasure demons. There’s Urth – mother of nature, sprouting roots to ground themselves and always thirsty. Jeen – the ghost of the mother of Brad Pitt’s character in Thelma And Louise, they have seen and done it all. Monarch – demonic royalty of the highest order, not to be disobeyed unless you like that sort of thing. And finally Trubble – the most depraved of the demons with an insatiable lust for pleasure. Trubble experiences every orgasm that occurs on earth and as a result finds it difficult to concentrate.

‘Come’ immediately grabs your attention. It quiet clanking industrial start quickly switches to a striking percussive beat and scuzzy guitars which build with their repetitive electricity-fuelled chords. The spoken vocal is demanding in its tone and the music builds noisily before falling back once more. Grave Goods take their influence from early post-punk and minimalist rock, and with this track you are pulled into their world, curious and intrigued. The metronomic beat continues and those thrashing crashing cymbals in the noisy part of the track are wicked. And then it just stops abruptly.

With their debut album Tuesday. Nothing Exists also just announced as part of the Dinked edition, the sartre-rock trio who are based between Manchester, Belfast and Dublin, are indeed an exciting prospect if this track is any to go by.

For more information on Grave Goods please see their facebook and bandcamp.

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