News: L.A. Salami Releases latest album ‘OTTOLINE: The Director’s Cut (Deluxe)’

L.A. Salami, the South London artist who affectionately calls himself an “Intergalactical Troubadour”, has unveiled the deluxe version of his highly acclaimed 2022 album, ‘OTTOLINE‘. This new release is a comprehensive exploration of his early 2020s sound, which gracefully spans across diverse genres such as folk, rock and roll, neo-soul, and even hip-hop, all while maintaining that distinctive L.A. Salami touch.

The 18-track offering not only includes the tracks from the original 2022 album but also treats fans to an additional five songs to savor. At the forefront of this expanded release is the focus single, ‘THE TALISMAN’, a character that has played a prominent role in Salami’s work since the late 2010s. ‘THE TALISMAN’ serves as an exploration of personal growth and the trials and tribulations one must endure on the path to self-discovery. According to Salami, this character embodies the ultimate version of himself, residing at the end of time and space after making all the right choices and learning valuable life lessons.

With the release of ‘OTTOLINE: The Director’s Cut (Deluxe)‘, L.A. Salami offers a deeper glimpse into his artistry and the musical journey he has embarked upon. This release stands as a testament to his creative evolution and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his sound, making it a captivating experience for listeners worldwide.

Listen below:

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