News: Peaceville Records are set to release a limited edition Darkthrone box set – Shadows Of Iconoclasm

Darkthrone are one of Norway’s finest & most celebrated metal acts, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their ground-breaking debut opus Soulside Journey. Peaceville records are set to release this extensive vinyl and cassette boxset which contains the full early works of the band, and the band’s early journey towards greatness.

This box set has been compiled and curated with the band and features content from their personal archives – Fenriz comments

“We only had a few months to write what would become ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ and we had to blacken up a whole song from the ‘Goatlord’ session, and here and there on ‘A Blaze…’ you can hear a few riffs from ‘Goatlord’. Ironically I ended up listening way more to the ‘Goatlord’ album than I ever did with ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’. Maybe because ‘Goatlord’ feels super-real to me and I want to thank Patrick Engel for cleaning up the rehearsal sound without manipulating it much.”

He continues 

“The real sensation in this box is the live performance from Bootleg Stage Oslo 1990, soundboard sound with live performances of several of the tracks from our Goatlord album, I was so stoked when I discovered this (and no, I never had this on video myself so it was the first time I heard the audio now after over 30 years and it made me very happy. It was a non-alcoholic stage but we were pretty wasted too!)”

Check out whats included, below

The boxset ‘Shadows of Iconoclasm’ contains: 

6 LPs plus 7” featuring:

 -A newly remastered 30th anniversary edition of 1991’s Soulside Journey

-The original Goatlord instrumental rehearsal/album – specially transferred & restored from Fenriz’ original tape 

-Live in Esbjerg, Denmark 1990 – first time on vinyl 

-Live in Oslo November 1990 –a new digital transfer from the original master tapes from the Bootleg TV archive. Previously unreleased.

 -Live in Riihimaki & Lahti, Finland. Darkthrone’s 1991 – first time on vinyl format 

-Tracks from Oslo 1989 Bootleg TV appearance on 7” vinyl, including the Celtic Frost cover, ‘Visual Aggression’ 

-The 4 cult Darkthrone demos presented on cassette tape with their original art & layout   

-DVD featuring a new digital transfer of Darkthrone’s November 1990 Oslo appearance from original master tapes, as well as their Finnish tour date appearances

-plus bonus footage from Oslo 1989 & a previously unseen track from their September 1990 Oslo gig

– 60 page book with a large collection of band photos, plus text covering the early years of the band as featured in the ‘Black Death & Beyond’ book, including additional text for this release, plus bonus chapters compiled from rare Darkthrone titles 

-Band promotional photo print replica 

-Soulside Journey art print

-Posters of the original Darkthrone logo image drawing & gig poster promoting their Oslo live appearance from September 1990

Set for release for 2nd April 2021 via Peaceville records and is now available to pre-order HERE 

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