News: Ross Alan Shares New Single ‘Homesick’

LA-based singer-songwriter Ross Alan has released a new single titled ‘Homesick’, the lead track from new EP ‘Revelation’.

Led by acoustic guitar, ‘Homesick’ is a stripped yet cinematic ballad with it’s using of subtle electronics and giant production. Encompassing subtle elements of country, whilst retaining infectious pop melodies and an ethereal atmosphere, the track showcases Ross Alan’s emotive songwriting and soaring vocal abilitys

‘Homesick’ talks about the feeling of never finding a place that feels like home. The track was written on an acoustic guitar, and Ross Alan sent it as a vocal demo to their producer in New York. They also shared a playlist of songs that they wanted to emulate sonically. The producer then created the instrumental, and the singer fine-tuned it before recording the vocals. Finally, the producer mixed and mastered the track until it was perfect.

The new single and EP release showcase Ross Alan’s musical versatility and depth as an artist. They blend different genres and influences, creating a unique sound that is both captivating and haunting. With ‘Homesick,’ Ross Alan has proven that they are a talented musician with a promising career ahead.

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