Out on 27th October (tomorrow) is Back To Daylight, the new single from Swiss artist Elias Raschle in his guise as Augenwasser, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today. It’s taken from his forthcoming album Sleepdancer, which drops on November 13th via Bongo Joe Records.

Of the track, Elias says ‘As the night reverberates into early morning, introspection sets in with a sobering promise to stay conscious of the difference between escaping and expanding one’s life experience. Appreciating basic things being vital as finding a balance is a never ending process.

Sounding like it belongs in an English northern town shrouded in cloud and rain, yet still somehow effortlessly elegant European pop, Back to Daylight has the space and dark pop sensibilities of David Sylvian, if he were dressed in Stuart Staples cloak. It aches and cajoles rather than beasts you round the head with its persuasive melodies, which draws you into more of a love affair with the record rather than a roll around on the mattress with your headphones.

In other words, beautiful stuff.