Premiere: David Federmann – In between

Taken from his forthcoming Water’s Edge EP, out on his own VMAJ7 label, we are extremely pleased to premiere In Between a new track from French Jazz Aficionado and producer David Federmann. With Water’s Edge he’s mixed up soul, house and jazz to make something that’s at one point hazy, and another makes your feet move uncontrollably. As he says of the EP, “Like in a Jam session where you’ve got new musicians association on each track, on WATER’S EDGE that’s the same.
Each song got its story, and its personnel.”

Talking of the song itself, he’s goes into some depth, saying “IN BETWEEN is the meeting of singer Camille Delage, guitarist Djib Coudert & myself……[It] was made in one night ! I met Camille for the first time that evening. She was a friend of my partner. We went to restaurant, had dinner all together, great wine. I heard her beautiful voice while she was simply talking. I had the feeling, eyes closed, that I was in front of Sade.

When we got back home it was very late, but as she was leaving Paris few hours later, it was now or never : I wrote the lyrics, I set up a chords progression and a tempo, and we made it straight away in one take. Djib was supposed to come on the early morning for a guitar session on another track. As I stood awake all night long working on Camille’s recordings, the first thing I asked Djib to do when he entered the studio was to improvise on that fresh new track. In my idea the guitar solo was supposed to last 30 seconds, as usual.
But Djib made such a wonderful take that it was impossible to cut it anywhere.And here we are : the guitar solo starts at the half of the song and will never ever stop ! IN BEWTEEN, like 2 songs in 1.”

And that sums it up, it’s packed full of aching soulful vocals, jazz chords and unobtrusive beats, with this extended and brilliant jazz guitar solo. You don’t know whether to dance, or just listen in wonder. Or both.

Check it out, here

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