Premiere: DEWR reveals new video for Serenity

San Francisco singer-songwriter DEWR, aka Brian Dewar is about to release his new single Serenity and we’re delighted to be able to premiere the video here on Backseat Mafia.

The song, Dewar told us “….is a song about not being able to have it all. You have a finite amount of energy and attention you can give to things in this world. When you push really hard to excel at something – music for me – things fall by the wayside. It can be hard to see friends, hard to be all in on a relationship- you have this other thing. And for a musician, it’s expected of you to make that sacrifice.
The song itself is of two very distinct parts. Initially, I’m longing for a more simple life; to not be obsessed, to be more content with the everyday. It doesn’t take very long to snap out of that day dream, and the remainder of the song is a celebration of life on the outside looking in. I’m not just tolerating the sacrifices that come with being an artist, I’m reveling in them.”

It’s sunny indie pop with just a few dark clouds in the distance that give it just that little hint of melancholy, but with its infectious chorus and jangly guitars once it bursts into action following it slow start make it something to fall for and revel in.

The accompanying video takes the themes of the song, wanting to make it big, having the bravery and persistence to follow that dream, and makes a funny, quirky story out of it. Check it out, here


Catch him tomorrow at the Neck Club in San Francisco, at the start of a little run of dates.

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