Premiere: Flunk – Queen of Underground (Drive Remix)

Oslo quartet Flunk, aka Anja Øyen Vister, Jo Bakke, Ulf Nygaard, Erik Ruud, have always had an eye for a remix, and ten years into their musical adventures they’re about to release an(other) remix album in the shape of ‘Deconstruction Time Again. Taking vocals from their 2012 album ‘Lost Causes’, a host of remixers stretching the whole gambit of experience, from merited DJ’s like Italian Sandro S through to a Icelandic man making music after his kids have gone to bed.

We’re very pleased here on Backseat Mafia to be able to premiere the Drive Remix of Queen of Underground. Its been (surprisingly enough) deconstructed and dragged through classic house and polished with something quite deep. Its great stuff.

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