Premiere: Lucky Lo reveals new video for ‘Supercarry’

We’re delighted here at Backseat Mafia to be able to premiere the new video from Swedish musician Lo Ersare, aka Lucky Lo today, for her second single ‘Supercarry’, the follow up to much lauded debut ‘Heart Rhythm Synchronise’.

On the impetus behind the song, Ersare says In Scandinavia we have an incredible safety net. We live a safe, rich lifestyle on paper, but we are also the countries where the most people die alone. We have the capacity to be more inclusive, and we could use this power for the good of others and for enriching our lives,” before adding “So much could be solved if we were to take more care of each other—check in with each other more. It makes you feel strong; like a good human being; an everyday superhero. The idea of doing the opposite of self care, or that social care is self care, is what I want to communicate.

The track is this smouldering alt-pop, with gluey synths and these persuasive melodies that wash over you, and implant themselves firmly in your mind, as it ebbs and flows its way through. The accompanying video sees the band play and the people dance. God it’s good to have everything back again, isn’t it.

Check it out, here

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