PREMIERE: Piers Thibault stuns with the brief and brilliant ‘Dusk’, announces debut EP ‘Ire’

If you’re reading this, we bet there have been times when you’ve wanted to completely lose yourself in a piece of music. French artist Piers – last name Thibault – is great at producing pieces that evoke that all-consuming longing. His debut EP, Ire, isn’t even 13 minutes long, but it’s an ideal refuge. If you’re a fan of basically anything Erased Tapes put out, you’ll love it.

It’s out next month so you have to wait a little while longer (sorry), but its lead track should whet your appetite. So intimate you almost feel like you’re intruding⁠—seat creaks, individual keys being pressed, mere chord changes having seismic impact⁠—’Dusk’ is a dazzling piano piece accompanied by the soft drone of a background pedal point (around which the sub-two-minute track revolves) and blanketed by tape hiss.

Of the brief yet powerful piece, Thibault says: “Very much like the sunrise I see after working late at night, ‘Dusk’ gives me the warm feeling of the sun on my skin and a beautiful dark orange sky, which is very comforting to me. I always feel at home when I play it back to myself.” The EP arrives on Friday April 15th, and we’re exclusively streaming ‘Dusk’ below if you fancy being transported for a little bit.

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