Premiere: Sophie Mahon’s sparkling dedication to devotion, ‘Bogart’s Eyes’, is a rich and luscious tapestry.

The rich and luscious sounds on Sophie Mahon‘s ‘Bogart’s Eyes’, premiered here in Backseat Mafia today, transports one to the eighties: there is a palpable new romantic shimmer and an incandescent glow. You cannot help but think of it being a counterpart to ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes, with dollops of a Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music creamy production shine. Sweeping strings add a cinematic widescope tone and Mahon’s voice is velvet soft and sparkling. A subtle and sleek saxophone adds a louche air.

According to Mahon,

Bogart’s Eyes is about wanting to know what real love is like; where the little things mean a lot and it all falls into place so easily. The lyrics are as if I am having a conversation with Lauren Bacall (Bogie’s wife), who he adored with all his heart up till the day he died. I wrote it one night, after watching Dark Passage; a film which they were both in together, and I use quotes from. I felt lonely that night and the only way I felt better was to imagine asking her what it was like to be loved that way.

This deep romanticism bleeds into the lush pop:

‘Bogart’s Eyes’ is out on Friday, 3 September 2021 and available on all the usual download/streaming platforms. It is the title track from Mahon’s upcoming album due for release on 1 October 2021, which can be pre-saved here.

Each song is inspired by one of Humphrey Bogart’s films and features guest musicians Emily Dolan-Davies (Bryan Ferry, Kim Wilde, The Thompson Twins), Martin Dobson (Eurythmics, Jimmy Sommerville and Siouxie & the Banshees). 10% of physical release sales will go towards Cancer Research UK and Royal Navy & Royal Marine Charity and the album was funded by public funding from The National Lottery through Art Council England.

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