Premiere: Sydney’s Pluto Jonze releases double sided psychedelic singles ‘Moonmaking’ and ‘Dot’: two dollops of sweet ethereal goodness.

We are very proud to premiere the double sided single release from esteemed Sydney-based artist Pluto Jonze (Hey Geronimo).

‘Moonmaking’ and ‘Dot’ are two sides of the same sparkling coin: psychedelic-tinged melodic delights that literally float on a bed of harmonies and shimmering instrumentation.

‘Moonmaking’ is the more ethereal of the two: Jonze’s velvet melancholic voice is to the fore over softly splashing piano and a subtle persuasive beat. The track is reflective and hypnotic but signs out with a crescendo of fuzzy guitars that suddenly shoulders its way in. Jonze says of the track:

For ‘Moonmaking’ I had the image of this lone piano in the woods, just me and the crickets, conjuring the moon. One of my most intimate songs in terms of writing and production. Trying to channel ‘2001 Space Odyssey’, but a bit sexy. Vangelis but haunting. The piano solo is very much inspired by early 20th century French Romantic composers like Erik Satie and Debussy, super sparse. But then I love how these subtleties contrast with the outrageous full octave fuzz guitar solo, just blowing everything to the stratosphere

In contrast, ‘Dot’ picks up the pace with a steady moving rhythm and a restless synth/string sixties jab. Jonze’s voice and vocal harmonies are celestial and the scaling melodies form a euphoric edge. Jonze says:

‘Dot’ is my modern impression of an old school crooner piano ballad against the backdrop of an epic ‘Bladerunner’ or Vangelis-esque soundscape. I wanted the sense of the enormous and the miniscule together in the production of this. The undercurrent of the huge ominous bass, throbbing like the weight of the world, cut short by finger chimes. Big influence was Landon Speers’ ‘Headaches’ soundscapes.

This is a powerful double hit: two mesmerising dollops of sweet ethereal goodness, filled with indelible melodies and a dreamy, cloudy and hypnotic soundscape.

‘Moonmaking’ and ‘Dot’ are available to download and stream from the usual places from Friday, 3 September 2021.

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