Say Psych: Playlist 16/2016

This week’s Psych Insight play list is packed full of massive chunks of heaviness, with a few more chilled out moments along the way. There aren’t a lot of new releases in August so I’ve throw in a few favourites of mine too. Enjoy!


The Nightfeeders by Nudity

Utterly brilliant track from a few years back. Rumour has it that a retrospective release from Cardinal Fuzz is imminent, with a pre-order here from August 4th here.


Trinity Test by Moths and Locusts

Seriously good track from the first Moths and Locusts album which, for some explicable reason, is yet to sell out. Get over to that bandcamp page before they all go and fill yer boots.


Acid Head by White Manna

One of my absolute favourite bands, here’s a cut from the band’s eponymously titled debut album released in 2012.


Power Child by Night Beats

Great track from the most recent Night Beats album, ‘Who Sold My Generation’ (Heavenly Records).


Hundreds, Thousands, Millions by Monarch

An early recording of this track from Californian band monarch, now featured on their El Paraiso Records album ‘Two Isles’ (reviewed here).


Radio Motorik by Polska Radio One

Ace track from Russian band Polska Radio One. Their ‘Cosmos Inside’ album is one of my favourites of recent years. Check out their bandcamp for loads of great stuff.


Forever In Space (Enlightened) by White Hills 

My favourite White Hills track, just amazing.


Hocus Pocus by deathrowradio

Cracking track from deathrowradio on Distraction Records, love how it just keeps on shifting up.


Heart Attack by Zen Guerilla

From the 1999 ‘Trance States in Tongues’ (Sub Pop). Seriously, what a band!


Sky Input Part 1 by Föllakzoid 

Superb early track from Föllakzoid’s debut album from 2009.


Hard Luck by The Switching Yard

The Switching Yard are from Saskatoon, Canada and really rock out. This track is from the band’s 2016 release ‘Yet Again’. If you like this you’re really gonna want to mine the bandcamp for more!


Dreamcatcher by Black Doldrums

A new London duo who, quite justifiably, refer to themselves as “neo-psychedelic garage fucks with shoegaze riffs swimming over a satanic floor tom” Check them out here.


Tinnitus Ætérnum by Les Big Byrd

Cracking track from back in 2014, a 10″ release on PNKSLM Records.


New Cross by Part Chimp

As usual Part Chimp blow you head of with this Rock Action Records release from 2007, awesome stuff!


Cancellation Numbers by Maurice’s Hotel Death & Dead Sea Apes

New release from Dead Sea Apes in collaboration with Maurice’s Death Hotel. A great track that will lead your mind in all sorts of direction, letting you down slowly (but not easily) at the end of this playlist. Album available on cassette/ download.


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