Say Psych: Playlist 25/2016

Well the year’s not over yet, but already the pre-release information for albums appearing next year is already coming fast and furiously. So while I’ve only just done this year’s Psych Insight ‘best of’ list (click here) next year is already looking like being a great year for music (if nothing else). So while there’s a few releases from this year here, there’s lots looking into to next year too. Enjoy!


Gathering Light by Julie’s Haircut

Rocket Recordings will be releasing the new album by Italian band Julie’s Haircut called ‘Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin’ on 17 February 2017. Pre-orders are available here.


Pañña by Bardo Land

Lovely dark acid-infused jazz from London band Bardo Land. Check out the full EP here.


Verschwinden by The Vacant Lots

From the new Vacant Lots EP ‘Berlin’, recorded with Anton Newcombe and released on A Recordings. The collaboration has seen a developing of the duo’s sound into something more rich and complex.


Butterfly’s Dream by Sundays and Cybele

Great new track from a real favourite band of mine. Beyond Beyond is Beyond are releasing Sundays and Cybele’s new album  on March 3rd 2017, pre-order available now here.


Flöjttjola by Hills

“…‘Flöjttjola’ (below) which, I have to say, is an absolute cracker and fully representative of the album as a whole. It is a track that you pretty much know is Hills as soon as you hear it. It bursts out of the traps with vengeance and quickly ramps up to full speed with that trademark rawness, the product of decades of great experimental Swedish music, which pretty much blows your head of on the first listen every bit as much as the 20th.”

Track Premiered here on Backseat Mafia.

‘Hills’ and ‘Uncollected Sounds’ are available to pre-order at Cardinal Fuzz and US imprint Sky Lantern Records:


Spit Bucket by Kooba Tercu

From new digital/ limited (to 50) cassette release from Hominid Sounds, stream the full album, buy and download here.


The Bar Is Low by Pissed Jeans

First track from the band’s new album ‘Why Love Now’, released on Sub Pop on February 24th 2017, the first in four years.


Loving Hell by Vox Low

New 12″ release from the every reliable Höga Nora Rekords. For further details click here.


Above The Corner by Øresund Space Collective

It’s often hard to keep up with Øresund Space Collective, such are the number of releases the band put out, this is their 23rd. It has to be said, though, that this does not mean that there is ever any dip in quality as this deep funky slice of jazz space rock proves. Details on the OSC bandcamp page here.


Loomis by TBWNIAS

“‘Loomis’ premiered below is another fantastic slice of your record collection (because it’s representative of the band’s record collection), and even more this track is dedicated to the late Andrew Loomis, drummer of American punk band Dead Moon, who died earlier this year at the age of only 54. All I can say is that it’s a fantastic tribute from another great album from a band who just get things right…right?”

TBWNIAS albums are made for listening to on vinyl, (pre-)order yours now from Cardinal Fuzz. It’s a 350 Vinyl pressing.

As part of this there is a limited edition version which comes with a mega “Ensemble” Jams cdr that is MIND BLOWING – This version is only available from the Cardinal Fuzz Big Cartel and the Band and is limited to 125 copies.


Speak by Emptyset

“Borders,” the new album from Bristol’s Emptyset, is out January 27th on Thrill Jockey Records.


Cosmic Pink Alignment (at 720 , 048 . 20 minutes) by Mildred Maude

Release from earlier this year by improvised Falmouth psych space noiseniks Mildred Maude. Check out the bandcamp page here.


Still and All by Mind Rays

“Still & All”, the lead single from Belgian garage punk band Mind Rays’ debut LP Nerve Endings. Nerve Endings is due on March 24, 2017 via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition vinyl, cd and digital. Pre-order the vinyl at here.


Hold On by Pink Elephants

Great Spiritualized cover version by Ottawa’s Pink Elephants, from their new album ‘Temples in the Sky’. You can stream/ download the entire album here.


Influence of the Magi by Zaum

Christmas is coming so here’s (not) a seasonal offering from ace Canadian psych doom band Zaum. Comprising two 21 minute tracks, ‘Eidolon’ is an epic listen that I’m sure is going to sound all that bit more special on vinyl.  To get it (plus d/l, cassette and cd) click here.


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