Rich Meehan Trio Return With Vibrant New Single ‘Gymnopedie’

Following their debut on ‘Prelude’ a track which was named ‘Dinner Jazz Track Of The Week’, Rich Meehan Trio return with the stunning new single ‘Gymnopedie’.

Offering another look at the bands upcoming debut EP ‘Suite Antique’, ‘Gymnopedie’ once again see’s Rich Meehan and his band create a sprawling jazz soundscape of breathtaking piano playing courtesy of which flows through a series of sections and subtle key changes. This time relying more on the synth pads which sit under the virtuoso top lines, ‘Gymnopedie’ posses an element of electronic chillout and prog which contrasts beautifully with the almost classical style of Rich’s playing.

From moments of blissful beauty to more explosive, theatrical movements – ‘Gymnopedie’ is a rich musical tapestry covering an array of moods from serene, to reflective and haunting, to delicate and uplifting.

Talking about ‘Gymnopedie’, Richard explains: “When I sat down to work on a slow track as part of Suite Antique, I had an idea in the back of my head to write a sarabande, a stately dance with a sort of 60s Baroque pop vibe. As is often the case with these things, your fingers and ears have other ideas, and I found myself writing my own tribute to Satie. I think we get him wrong as he was a fierce experimentalist, but we mainly know him from a few pieces of chill out. What I like most about it is the nostalgic turn in the middle section which builds to the climax when the sad melody returns.” 

‘Gymnopedie’ is taken from the upcoming debut EP Suite Antique which is due for release July 24th.

Watch the stunning new video below: 

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