Premiere: BabyJake drags Tennessee’s regressive laws on new song ‘We Got to Get Together to Be Free’

Here’s a song we can definitely get behind on principle alone; it just so happens to also be a jam and a half. You may be familiar with Nashville’s BabyJake, who released his debut album The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now in 2021. You’ve probably heard recently about the legislative attack on drag performers—a shot at queer culture that could also be used to target the Tennessee LGBTQ+ community—by the state Senate. It’s one of a raft of regressive measures taken in the state’s continued efforts to ramp up discrimination against that already marginalised community, and BabyJake is firing back.

Premiering below, ‘We Got to Get Together to Be Free’ calls for solidarity in the face of such backward views, and yes, the video was shot with the artist in drag. The song’s pretty fun, too. Here’s BabyJake with more on it: “Last month, Tennessee Senate Bill 0003 + House Bill 0009 were introduced as a direct attack on drag performers + other entertainers impacting many members + artists of the LGBTQ community and beyond. This threatens not only jobs but freedom of expression and art. I’m fed up with the world, fed up with how we’ve been treating each other, fed up with all of the divide between humans. This song + video was my positive approach to the situation at hand. It’s my call to action, my tune of inspiration, my version of yelling out from the rafters ‘Let people express themselves however they choose!’ Whatever you look like, whatever you’ve been through, whatever you believe […] I respect you. There’s a place for you. The only way we are going to get better is if we stick together.” 

Check out the rock’n’roll throwback track below, and keep an eye on BabyJake because he’s got more on the way soon.

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