Say Psych: EP Review: Mildred Maude – CPA I-III

Mildred Maude are three guys from the West Country, who when left unsupervised in a studio came up with CPA I-III, recently released on The Weird Beard on limited edition pink vinyl and digital download. Having been making a name for themselves as connoisseurs of all things loud and psychedelic resulting in a stint as Damo Suzuki’s ‘Soundcarriers’, a release has been hotly anticipated for some time.

CPA I-III is the band’s debut offering and is entirely improvised, being captured in one take. It began life as one track, ‘Cosmic Pink Alignment’ and evolved to become the EP as is. ‘CPA I’ is an eighteen-minute entity with lashings of fuzz, other worldly sounding guitar riffs which play against a evocative drum beat and all manner of things in between. The pace of the track is what captivates, leaving the listener breathless from early on as they try to absorb what is going on in such a short space of time. This gives way into the shorter ‘CPA II’ which is a notably softer entity with a dissonant guitar sound that haunts and channels some stunning post-punk vibes. After having that pleasant interlude, ‘CPA III’ returns to the organised, chaotic spack rock they started with, but builds in subtle layers of sound, adding differences which might not at first be apparent.

Mildred Maude have set the bar high with this release and it is certain to be popular, one can only hope they accompany it with some live dates as I’m positive this would be mesmerising live.



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