Say Psych: Live Review: Avalanche Party @ YES Pink Room, Manchester 03.11.2021

Tonight in Manchester’s YES Pink Room, there is a special line up that people have braved to cold for.

Opening are SPLINT, a new band from Manchester who are shrouded in mystery, this being only their third gig. With a sound that ranges from raw, unadulterated garage rock to some psychedelic undertones, they’re a very intriguing proposition. The vocal style is eerily reminiscent of a certain Mr Reed and the motorik rhythm section means that you’re just wondering what sound is gonna emerge next. Don’t bother looking for them on the socials as you won’t find them, so for now to know more you’ll have to seek them out on a live line-up.

Headliners Avalanche Party are a feral garage rock, punk infused sextet from the North Yorkshire Moors. Their intense live performances have gathered them a somewhat cult following that I was too intrigued not to check out. Opening with the provocative ‘I’m So Wet’ it doesn’t take long to work out what they are all about; raunchy, raw and not afraid to be obtuse. They move seamlessly through ‘Milk & Sunlight is a Heavy Dream’ into what is without doubt their anthem, ‘Porcelain’. The pacey track sees fans inch closer and even in the spacey room, the sound dominates and everyone sings the words back at them. ‘Rebel Forever’ and ‘Howl’ both come from their last LP 24 Carat Diamond Trephine, they are both firm fan favourites and show a more melodic side to the band. They go back to their roots with ‘Obstacle’ from their self-titled 2016 EP and stand alone single ‘Million Dollar Man’. The energy levels remain high throughout, barely taking their foot of the throttle. 2020 single ‘Bugzy’ is another contender for their best track, with its blues rooted riff and distinctive vocal drawl. They tear through a few more before ending with new track ‘Dream Jonny Dream’ which is out this week.

The crowd was unfortunately scarce tonight, it being an epic week for gigs in Manchester, and that could have disheartened both bands – but instead the faithful were treated to two mind blowing performances which were lapped up with gusto.

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