SEE: Dennis Ferrer – ‘Sunny Days’: bringing the togetherness groove for Defected

THE PRODIGAL son returns; after an absence of more than four years – since the release of “Right Thing”, back in June 2016 – intelligent house music legend Dennis Ferrer has come back to Defected in tandem with Dawn Tellman for “Sunny Days”, a call for uplift, positivity and togetherness in undeniably troubled times. 

It’s a big slice of gospel-tinged four-to-the-floor action. Dennis lays down the beats, lets them get busy with their thing, pitched perfectly in the bpm; lays down a sunshine melody; Dawn brings the effortless, luscious soul.

It’s a simple hookline, beautifully delivered, but boy does it ever have truth and resonance right here right now: “Let us find the way, let us celebrate, till our sunny days come around.” You’d have to have a hard heart not to get with this.

The amassed gospel response in the background actually comes courtesy of Dennis’s children.

Dennis said: “‘Sunny Days’ is about the pursuit of happiness, no matter the circumstances you’re in. It’s about trying to see the world through a child’s eyes and knowing that the sun will come out again. 

“I wrote and recorded the vocals ages ago, yet they still ring true today. That goes to show you: life never stops throwing challenges at you; what defines you, is how you cope with it.”

Take a listen below; and feel the love.

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