Legendary post-punks Gang of Four have returned with a new video to accompany their brilliant single ‘Change the Locks’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Happy Now’, out April 19th via Townsend Music.

If you were expecting abrasive, angular guitar music then Change the Locks will surprise you, although as the bands Andy Gill says  “I’m the opposite of one of these bands that has a sound they keep doing exactly the same way. I’m not some guy stuck in 1980, I’m here now, and I’m responding to the world around me, both in the words that I write and the music that I come up with.”

Instead its this synth heavy, funk fuelled, indie drizzled anthem. Sounding like something spewed out of a post Speak and Spell (Yeah i’ll throw the Depeche Mode likeness in there) dystopia, it rushes along, the infectious nature of the whole thing dragging you with it.

The accompanying video mixes up footage of the band on the road along with  the band performing the track. Check it out, here