See: Generation – ’21st Century Woman’: are our favourite Merseyside glamsters teetering on the edge?

Generation's Dean and James Carne: siblings tied

LIVERPUDLIAN glamour trash punk brothers Generation are teetering on the edge of fratricide in their new video, ground down by the demands of rock ‘n’ roll, by cheap rum – these guys have taste – that ain’t Captain Morgan’s, no way, José.

The trials and tribulations of the life of a glam rock duo, all leather and leopard print, is laid bare in the video for “21st Century Woman”, which you can watch below, a buzzsaw headrush taken from their mini-album Suicidal Champagne, the title track from which moved us to comment: “It rocks with abandon and abrasion and joy and, frankly, zero f*cks given.”

Dean Carne, frontman, throws shapes and shade as the prima donna frontman while conspirator since childhood, brother James, attempts to pour oil on troubled waters.

Generation say: “The music video has but one job – to entertain.

“It is not an artistic extension of ourselves or the song, but an extension of our personalities and our offbeat humour we do so enjoy. It is basically a massive pisstake out of ourselves and the industry.”

Their seven-track speaker-wrecker of a mini-album is out now from all digital service providers.

Generation aim to be back on stage in the later stages of 2021 – the very environment they carved out such a burgeoning reputation within down the western end of the East Lancs Road.

Connect with Generation online at FacebookTwitterInstagram and at their website.

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