See: GETOVERHER releases video for debut single “Baby Oil”

Jason Scott is finally finding his own way in the music world, after years of taking on all sorts of different roles, in his new solo project, called GETOVERHER. “I’m a moody Scorpio, therefore I’m constantly either pushing someone away who loves me or I’m seeking the attention of someone who could care less.” says Scott. “I’m not perfect and I never will be but I am self-aware and willing to share all of my insecurities with anyone who needs to relate.”

His first single is due out this Friday, 22nd January, ahead of a debut album, and is titled Baby Oil. Far from what you might imagine, Scott says “Baby Oil is about my last relationship. She was a big part of my childhood since we met in junior high school in Forest Hills, Queens. We had to separate in order to evolve as individuals but how I left things was messy and I’ll always regret that.”

Over these bubbling synths and jazz funk infused sax lines, Scott raps – his warm baritone dragging you willingly along with it as underneath this sprawling percussion vies with these almost innocent little melodic synth hooks. Check out the atmospheric video as Scott delivers from a balcony overlooking Queens.

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