See: Holy Hive – ‘I Don’t Envy Yesterdays’; a cool summer breeze of a folk-soul number, new on Big Crown

Holy Hive

FOLLOWING the retro-indie-soul loveliness of last year’s album for Big Crown, Float Back To You, Paul Spring is showing that breakout classic, seeming to draw on influences as disparate and perfectly married as Skinshape, Marvin Gaye and Terry Callier, was no accident – oh no! – ’twas absolute design; and can be shown by the none-cooler vibes of the band’s first release of 2021, “I Don’t Envy Yesterdays”. That’s out now on all digital streaming platforms – oh, and it’s embedded here, too.

“I Don’t Envy Yesterdays” examines that old bugbear, the inexorable, ineluctable passage of time, the entropy it brings; the futility of fighting it, the need for acceptance – hugely deep universal concepts all, yet wrapped in Michael Spring’s falsetto, gentle guitars in a Will Dorey vein and the lightest percussive touch, it all comes out like a cool, refreshing breeze on a summer day. Absolute class.

The split-screen video borrows that Woodstock movie technique and presents us with a double narrative, one for each eye; the left-hand clip is culled from Marjory Steinweiss’s 1991 film Open Lines, whilst the right hand delves into drummer Paul Spring’s cine archive.

We could do with more of this, couldn’t we? The cool, good music.

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Watch the whole thing here:
Right Clip: Shot by Michael SpringEdited by Paul SpringMore on Holy Hive ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
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