See: Jumpin’ Quails release new video for Rainbow Flesh

There’s a cauldron of things going on with Jumpin’ Quails. The Torino (Italy) based band write songs in a variety of languages – usually English, French or German, and throw in a mix of genres including grate rock, including urban funk and acid dub that makes their music unique and intoxicating.

Rainbow Flesh is the third single from their recent Gogol Mogol albums and the band have released a new video for the track which they describe as being “…a slap of psychedelia and an explosion of voices screaming harmonious the disorientation of a sailor thrown from harbours in the outskirts of the world into the outer space, a hero, unfortunately, who is about to face a great destiny without being able to get rid of the salty smell of his childhood off his nose. A calm but persistent groove (T minus five), wide delays, synths (radio check, over) and voices weaving together (please report, over). And acid images in the background. Control, all systems are GO. So long now, over and out.” Certainly it matches the underlying warmth, hypnotic vibe and slashy guitars of the track.

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